Let's chat about the film your grandkids will watch..

We understand that planning your special day can be time consuming, which is why our pricing guide is clear, concise and transparent.

Fill out our simple questionnaire to receive more information and schedule an appointment to speak with our studio manager Emmylou and Sam.


As an exclusive filmmaking boutique, we commission 12 wedding motion pictures each year to allow an unparalleled client experience and to ensure we deliver the highest calibre of our work.

Based in Australia but often travel globally.


What is the booking process?

To make the process as seamless as possible we recommend booking through one of our trusted planners:
- Mandi @ Ivy & Bleu: https://ivyandbleu.com.au/
- Alysia @ Alysia Bridger Events: https://www.alysiabridgerevents.com.au/


Alternatively you can secure us for your date in 3 simple steps:
(1) submit the questionnaire form above
(2) arrange an appointment with Emmylou and Sam
(3) Accept the quote, contract and place a 50% deposit

It's that easy.

Why don't you have set packages?

We believe that every wedding is unique and beautiful in it's own way. By tailoring every single package with our clients we are able to make a film that is personal to them; rather than the typical cookie cutter approach.

When do we recieve our films?

Although art typically takes time, since we commission such a limited number of weddings per year we are able deliver the highest possible quality while still having a quick lead time.

Our couples can expect their full package to be delivered within a month.

Can we be friends?

A pivotal part in our process is to get to know our couples leading up to the big day. The reason our films feel so natural and personal is because of this. We arrive to your wedding day as a friend, not a filmmaker.

So yes, we can be friends :)